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the mission

Lost and Found Club builds joyful community beyond religion. Led by women & genderqueer people, we value creating safe spaces for connection and accountability while encouraging healing, friendship, and growth.

Who are we?
We are you.

Hi! Welcome to the Lost & Found Club - the community you never thought you’d need. We’re a grassroots non-profit made up of people who have lost theological beliefs, belonging, and relationships, but have also found new beliefs, autonomy, and chosen family.

Together, we've discovered the power of simply existing in the same space as those who have traversed the same difficult roads. At Lost & Found, we hope to provide safe, community spaces for those of us wanting to reconstruct our lives without high-demand religion at the reins - and make it fun! Questioning everything you once believed can be an incredibly lonely experience, but it can become a profoundly meaningful journey too. And since it's something a lot of us are doing; why not do it together?

The Lost & Found Committee hosts community-led, in-person events every month in Northern Utah. As we grow, so will the number of locations. While we may not be in close proximity, we hope our Lost & Found online presence will feel like the friend-next-door who's in your corner, cheering you on...because we are.

We're so happy you’re here. 

meet the team

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